Rooted is a program created to generate awareness of small businesses in LaPorte, Indiana through a local magazine mailed twice a year, a simple website, and strategically organized events throughout the downtown area which in return builds community within the town. 

How Does it Work?

The process begins with businesses 

receiving an email asking which events

they would like to partake in. Once the 

responses are collected, the events are listed in the magazine along with participating storefronts. The magazine is then mailed out to community members. When the date of the event gets closer, each participating storefront is mailed the supplies needed for a successful event.  


Here is the box participating storefronts are mailed prior to each event.

Inside the Box

Each box contains a supplies list, check in sheet, poster, handbills, and a string of lights to hang in their window.  


With each issue a new title color and theme are chosen. The script word also correlates with the theme. 

Shop Details

The magazine features a short description of every store in the downtown area along with their location, hours, contact information, and social media platforms. 

Event Calendar 

Each magazine includes a tear out, six month calendar with all the upcoming events and holidays. The tear out calendar makes it easier for users to keep track of events while still keeping up with their 

personal schedules. 


Users could also visit the website to get up to date information on events and subscribe to an email newsletter with the similar content to the magazine. This feature is especially helpful to those who live out of town and would not receive the magazine by mail.