Experience Mapping

IUPUI’s Department of Undergraduate Education came to us with the problem of a low amount of students seeking employment on-campus. Once we conducted surveys and heard what students had to say, we discovered that many students were seeking professional experience but felt that off-campus jobs had better benefits. We came up with a campaign called IUPUI Works that helps students become aware of the professional opportunities on-campus and the benefits that come with those positions. This experience map depicts how we redesigned the campus job seeking process to better appeal to students. 

How might we make on-campus jobs more appealing to students who live off-campus? 


After identifying our specific problem areas we came up with a “how might we” statement to lead our solution. 



Having a student persona with goals helped us stay on track when designing our solution.   

Phase One

Our student experience begins with noticing the IUPUI Works table. The table is stationed by a student worker who can provide real opinions and introduce them to JagJobs, the job posting system.

Phase One 

The student worker from the table adds the student seeking employment to an email subscription. This email includes job openings and student spotlights. 

Phase One

Printed media can also be seen around campus. The student notices a flyer listing the benefits of working on-campus.

Phase One

From the flyer our student visits IUPUI’s facebook page to learn more about working on-campus and student worker testimonials.  

Phase Two

The student visits the job posting site, JagJobs, to apply to a few jobs they are interested in. Some of their applications are met with interviews.  

Getting Hired

The student is offered a job and accepts the position. Later, the student is featured in IUPUI Works campaign. 


  • IUPUI wants to attract students to on-campus jobs. Students want to feel more included in their job hunt. 

  • JagJobs is the main hub for job searching. JagJobs need a campaign to promote on-campus jobs. 

  • Creating a campaign for JagJobs would increase interest and awareness of opportunities on-campus.