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This facilitation session was created to practice the role of a design facilitator. This process will describe how we implemented specific methods, practiced certain skill sets and enabled group participation. 


How might we increase networking among students from different majors at Herron?

Session Objectives

Even though the session was for practice we needed a goal to stay focused. We came up with a problem area and a “how might we” statement to lead our session. 


The next steps were to create an agenda for us and our participants to stay on task and within our time frame. 


We began choosing methods we thought would work best with our “how might we” statement.  


  • Quick Ideating on paper

  • Character profiles

  • Role playing



Once the session began we asked them to get in groups and write down ideas on how their given character could network with other Herron majors. 


After quick ideating we had each group choose a final idea and write it down on

a notecard. 

Role Playing 

We then asked them to reenact their final idea. Each group had the opportunity to create a story through their character profileand their own ideas. 

     Skills Practiced

  • Organization

  • Leadership

  • Co-facilitation

  • Goal Oriented 

  • Multitasking

     Enabled Groups to...

  • Ideate through writing 

  • Develop a story 

  • Creatively role play 

  • Share thoughts and ideas

     Methods Used

  • Marker and Paper Ideation

  • Character Profiles 

  • Notecards for Final Idea

  • Role Playing