Lect is an app designed for users to keep track of their own data in a world where they are personally able to sell and earn from their data. 

How Does it Work?

Lect collects data and puts it into groups for users to easily visualize their data. Within the app users can view, compare, and sell their information. 


Users are able to differentiate the value of their data to other users with similar lifestyles, geographical locations, and more. 


The main page of the app shows the percentage of unsold data and specifics about the users data information. They can see which categories of data they have sold and have not yet sold. Users can add data groups to their main page to keep tabs on information that is most relevant to them.


Stats can be used to identify declines or increases of the users data value over months, years, or specific

time ranges. 


Users have the option to sell their data to companies in the Marketplace. Buyers are grouped in categories that can be added or filtered by the user. Green prices indicate the highest value, reds the lowest value, and blue means the price has not changed.Once the user selects the buyer they get an overview of the data they are selling and they confirm the sale.