The objective for this project was to find a problem space at IUPUI and solve it using design. There were three of us leading the project and we all concluded helping incoming freshman at IUPUI combat socialization during a pandemic was our top priority.  


Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 1.10.02 PM.png

Final Idea

A virtual scavenger hunt competition between incoming freshman as a way to promote socialization between students during a time where in-person bonding is not as plausible. This concept allows students the opportunity to meet their peers, participate in out of class activities, encourage them to go outside, and learn more about IUPUI from their mentors. 



Social Media

We posted content for The Hunt on IUPUI’s existing social media accounts and created a Facebook page specifically for The Hunt. 


To build up anticipation for the event, we created a countdown on social media with creative content to get the students excited.

Digital Scavenger Hunt 

For the first four days of the event, we created digital lists to post to social media. 


In-person Scavenger Hunt

For the final day of the event, we created a digital map for students use on their phone while they were on campus. We also created signs to help students know they were in the correct location.



Each day of the event a leader-board was posted to social media. The top three winning teams were featured on IUPUI’s social media. Students could also win most creative and could also be featured.  


     Skills Practiced

  • Leadership

  • Communication 

  • Group Ideating 

  • Self Managing 

     Enabled Students to...

  • Get to know others

  • Show their personalities  

  • Find new resources

  • Share thoughts and ideas

     Helped IUPUI to...

  • Create a new tradition

  • Empower students 

  • Expand brand standards

  • Discover new ways to

      help students